What started about 200 years back in the realms of the English territory is being furthered and perfected by us at Diamond Crystals.
Not only are we adhering to the tradition but we are also following the traditional methods employed in the manufacturing of Pure Crystal ware
Each and every Crystal from Diamond Crystals is a 30% FULL LEAD CRYSTAL mouth blown and hand cut by the nimble fingers of our master craftsmen. The brilliance, the workmanship in our Crystal has to be seen to believed…
“Diamond Crystal “ in collaboration with “Georgian Crystal, U.K., introduces the first hand crafted and mouth blown 30% Lead Crystal in India. “ Diamond Crystal “ is celebration of traditional Irish Technology amalgamated with perfectionist Indian Handicrafts.
The finest and brightest genuine Crystal with its incomparable finish will give you a proud feeling of beholding such a classical creation that a very few.
It is claimed by experts of VAASTU¬SHAASTRA, and FENG-SHUI that CRYSTAL-WARE with their pyramid-cuts emits positive energy and brings about harmony & good luck
We give shape to your ideas of amplifying your brand. We can customize your thoughts & Imaginations
Add that sparkle to the sylvan décor of your home and office; choose from the “Diamond Crystal” range of products.
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